Sell Out!

Thursday night Gabriel and I were sitting at our favorite burger dive, Cruisers, talking about how excited we were for Tom and Lucy’s Art Shoppe and I commented how much I wished we could go. Gabriel agreed, and we paused to look at each other for a minute. We had just purchased half a tank of gas for $6 and I knew we were thinking the same thing: “Why not?”

We are notorious for making midnight trips. One year my good friend Allison Hanna was playing her last college golf tournament in Stanford before she went pro. We hadn’t made it to any of her tournaments and I felt guilty and wanted to go. We got off work the night before at 10pm, drove all night, watched the tournament, and drove straight home. About 2 hours away from home we had to pull over and sleep. We learned a valuable lesson that trip: Take turns sleeping and driving, don’t both stay awake.

We cleaned up, packed, and hit the road at 10:30pm. We told just a few people, none of which included my sister the boutique owner, or my mother who had offered to go to the show to help sell and sample my product. I love surprises!

The show was incredible. If you missed it this year, make a note not to miss it next year, times to be announced but it will be sometime between Easter and Mothers Day, and again before Thanksgiving. They had adorable aprons, ballerina shoes and tutu’s, crafts, hair clips, baby shoes, onsises!

Fahrenheit 350 did excellent! Thank you to Ginny Johnson for her amazing selling skills – we would not have done nearly as well without her! Here is a sample photo of the largest selling item: Sweet Logs, Pecan. to be up next week!

Some of my favorite vendors include:

Sawdust Daisy
Tootsies for Tots
Baby Rags
French Knots
Baby Tai
Baby Bumpkins
Tika Kids
well and me of course Fahrenheit 350!

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