Happy Birthday Mom

I never need an excuse to make German Chocolate Cake, but every once in a while an excuse does present itself, such as my mother’s birthday a few days ago on November 17. German Chocolate Cake has long been the Johnson cake of choice dating back to at least 1965.

My mother always made a big to do about birthdays! I remember the beautiful bows my mother would adorn our presents with; I remember plenty of meals at The Old Spaghetti Factory; and I remember German Chocolate Cake. My favorite memories are birthday memories, but not just my birthday memories. Since my parent’s made such a to do about birthdays they all seemed extra special; especially Michael’s birthday on August 25. Even though he left our home to be with our Heavenly Father more than six years ago, we still make a cake in commemoration every year and every year it is German Chocolate. We always knew when Michael’s birthday was coming up, because he started a countdown directly after New Years, in January!

Needless to say, birthdays are a big to do in my home too! whether you are a pet, a friend, or a family member. Some years we are able to to do more than others depending on the green rubbing off our fingerprints, but no matter what, I can always make a cake!

Making German Chocolate Cake this go around, I tried something a wee bit different. The cake itself and the gravel was all by the book, courtesy of Baker’s German Chocolate – the one and only recipe you should ever consider when making German Chocolate cake. Typically I make 3 cakes, and slice each layer in half. Chocolate frosting goes between each slice, and gravel between both layers, but since we moved and our oven is the size of my thumb, I can now only make two.

The chocolate exterior frosting called for a change because dear Ginny is the only person you will ever meet that will not fall comatose, or get tingly tongue when eating highly maniacal amounts of frosting and requests that the edifice contain more frosting than cake.

Cake: German Chocolate Cake
Frosting: Sweet Sauce: Choc o làt

Simple. Take one jar Fahrenheit 350° chocolate sauce, mix with 1 1/2 pounds powdered sugar. To avoid tingly tongue, omit powdered sugar, but you will need to increase amount of chocolate sauce needed.

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  1. Oh my word, that looks so good. I am salivating and gaining weight just thinking about it! Next time you are here, I expect you to spend a day with me in my kitchen. I love to cook, but you make things way more complicated than I dare to.

  2. Seriously, i am with your friend! anyways, i would LOVE to pick your brain one week or something see you cook and bake, you are awesome!
    and, ooh my mom’s fav is german chocolate cake.

    SO, in my family birthdays were a big deal. Kirk’s family, IF they call you or tell you happy bday within the same month, you are pretty special!
    and, so, i am WORRIED with living with kirk, that, that is how it is going! NOT going to happen, birthdays will be big deals again!
    love you!


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