Food Munchers

I’ve been inspired by my sister Pamela this February; hence the Valentine Sugar Cookies, and the pink frosted Cinnamon Roses, and now Delicious Chocolate Cookies. She has a beautiful fun blog, French Knots, and she’s dedicated February to Valentine posts – one for every day!!! And they each are inspiring and creative!

Towards the beginning of the month, she posted fabulous looking cookies with the recipe, and darling pictures of her little boys eating them. I may steal those pictures because I have no darling little boys of my own, however, I do have an adorable little household tail wagger, who loves butter as a vocational obsession – so she’s particularly happy when I’m baking, which probably goes without saying is all the time. In fact, Tipsy has learned how to pry open the cupboard door which houses the trash basket, with a combination of her nose and her paw, to pilfer the coveted discarded butter wrapper. She’s actually not big enough to reach the top of the canister to actually steal the wrapper, so I’m convinced she does this to torment me with her cuteness – because seriously – why else would I let her push an oily, sticky, messy butter wrapper around the floor to her heart’s content.

Pamela posted this recipe on February 3, and it has taken me since then to find a bag of Cupid Mix M&M’s. I tried Target: nope, Fred Meyer: negative, Winco: seriously?, Safeway: doesn’t anyone celebrate Valentine’s?, and finally Albertson’s: Ssssssssuccess! Tipsy and I were both very excited! Me, because I got to bake these cookies I’ve been salivating over, and Tipsy, because she got to lick butter wrappers.

Cookies: Delicious Chocolate
Decorations: Cupid Mix Valentine M&M’s
Recipe: Click it!

These fudgy cookies are divine. They are dense enough to possess a full flavor of chocolate in each bite, but soft enough to melt in your mouth slower than you are able to devour them. And they transmit love and the meaning of Valentine’s just by looking at them! Plus, I have a special place in my heart for the M&M/Mars company. In my last post I talked about LAIKA; they have two divisions: an entertainment division which made Coraline, and a house division which makes M&M’s commercials (among others). If you ever find yourself watching an M&M commercial, chances are Gabriel worked on it.

Like this one:


Since the sugar cookies only found their way to one family, ooooh they were just soooo very good, perhaps these will make the longer journey; but I’m not making any promises.

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  1. THOSE LOOK AMAZING! seriously amazing! i NEED to make those for kayla's class on friday! i was looking for a good sugar cookie with frosting, but those may be the ones! thanks! love you! is the recipe on your friends' blog!? love you! and awesome AWESOME commercial gabe worked on that!?? I LOVED IT!! wowser!

    AND< i think you should do baking and cooking! you are freaking amazing! whatever the poll doesn't know anything! i wish i could hear all you have to say about everything! miss you love you!

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