TV Star

If you follow Gabriel’s blog (which you definitely should) you already know that about a week ago I filmed my first TV cooking show!

If you live in Oregon you’ll be able to watch me over and over and over about 50 times on Cable Access, and if you are not a local, don’t worry I’ll post the episode here.

This is just a teaser.

Cake: Carrot
Frosting: Cream Cheese
Decorations: Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting, and Starburst Carrots

I do also want to give props and credit to Evan, at Butter Cakes, who posted the idea and instructions for creating the Starburst Carrots you see adorning my cake in the photo above.

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  1. Kitty, I tried to add your button to my blog but the picture won’t show up. If you go to my blog it is above the v.t. button and you can click the spot and it goes to your site but, the little picture doesn’t show up. Has anyone else had trouble or is it just me. What am I doing wrong?

  2. I am sorry but That seriously is the BEST looking cake ever! I mean, I LOVE carrot cake, it is MY FAVORITE cake of all times and that one makes me want to JUMP thru the computer and eat the whole thing! CATHERINE! what!? i am excited to see your tv spot! yaya

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