Hit and Miss Cravings

I’ve been craving something with a deep, yet subtle and resonating flavor that immediately warms your throat and lungs as it weaves its way down through your body. I can almost taste it, but the knowledge of what it is, is just narrowly out of my grasp.

I thought it was apple crisp, but I shortly realized it was something much more intricate, with intertwining flavors of roasted pecans, toasted coconut, a hint of orange maybe, brown sugar – and then of course that missing piece which is alluding me.

I must dwell on this a bit more…

Crisp: Apple
Topping: Strudel

Apple Crisp is so simple, and so much like pie, but without the inconvenience of pie crust.

Peel and Core Apples
Add sugar (sweeter), and flour (thickener)
For 4-5 apples, add 1 cup sugar and 1/3 cup flour

Layer in baking dish with a few tablespoons of butter amidst layers

Garnish with strudel topping
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup oatmeal
1/3 cup flour

Bake at 350°F, covered for 1 hour and serve straight out of the oven with straight cream, or ice cream

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