2nd Chance

As you know, we recently spent a fun getaway in San Francisco, and in honor of our trip I am hosting a giveaway of a Fahrenheit 350° favorite: A 1 pound Pecan Log! A deliciously tempting candy fondant center wrapped in caramel and then wrapped in pecans toasted in a secret savory concoction!

I have to admit I’m really disappointed that more of my friends and family haven’t entered… perhaps I’m just too generous on a regular basis for their own good! Well, I’ll just say it’s not to late to enter! There are several hints about the photos within the post, not to mention the correct answers that have already been entered, and the free entries just for telling your friends, so happy hunting and entering! Just 2 days left!

Well, before our trip I was committed to making a bag for our new laptop!

Yes, the very laptop I am using to type this post! Gabriel surprised me with it a few days before our trip. I’ll say it again: Isn’t he perfect???!!! The computer I used to use is connected to our TV which is great for watching Hulu and You Tube, but a little hard on the eyes – and the computer is like 10 years old. He said he felt bad listening to me constantly scream at it (eek!).

As I’ve said before I am not a seamstress or a fancy designer, in fact I barely know how to operate my sewing machine – but I’m trying to expand my knowledge. What’s more is that I didn’t want a simple bag, I wanted a reversible bag. And… you guessed it, I waited until 1am the day we left to start working on it.

There are so many sewing projects that I intend to do but either never finish or stop midway. I need to join a sewing group for inspiration. For instance, when we moved to our current residence I planned to reupholster a chair in this beautiful upholstery fabric I found on sale at JoAnn’s; I made it all the way through until I got to the front of the arms: I started, but with my measly experience and lack of professional tools the job became too much to tackle. Another unfullfilled idea I had was to make beanbags. We sold our couch when we moved, so I had this brilliant vision of filling the entire living room with oversized plush cushions but… I dispise bean bag pellets and I couldn’t find shredded foam at a decent price.

Alas,… but on the upside I posses a fair share of darling fabric

I figured to make it reversible I simply needed to sew two sheets of fabric together.
Then, I wanted to add extra support in the bottom, so I added some plastic sewing canvas between the bottom fabric pieces.
I realized at this point, I would have to make sides – something I didn’t really think through in the beginning and which added a whole new dimension I hadn’t accounted for.
Bascially I tried not to think too much about it and just put it together logistically.
That was the trick!

I adore it!

3 thoughts on “2nd Chance”

  1. WOW! way to go on that bag! seriously! amazing! i DOn’t have a sewing machine! i totally want one! how fun!!! you are soo talented IN SSOO MANY THINGS!

    anyways, sorry about the lack of entries! that is a bummer! your pecan log is TOOOOOOO GOOD FOR WORDS! SO it doesn’t make sense!? anyways, i am sorry about that!
    but, man! i would INHALE that with one breath! ha!
    it is AMAZING!

    love you catherine! talk to you lateR

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