The Secret Room

Among other things, we got rid of our Easter baskets last year when we moved. It wasn’t a big move, but we did expect, or hope rather, that a big move would speedily follow and in our hasty anticipation we discarded several items which could have come in handy on several occasions since then.

I was delighted when Gabriel surprised me with adorable scratch made Easter baskets which he cut out of cardboard, handle and all, and fastened with wall mount screws.

We also had some fun company, our friends Daphne and her little girl Emari joined us in the festivities:

♪ Dinner: Steak, Orange Rolls, Fruit Salad, Green Beans, Deviled Eggs, & Scalloped Potatoes. Regrettably, the warm food was far too tempting to allow for a better picture to be taken, like maybe one where the flash didn’t echo in the mirror… We headed down to our community game room because we have neither room for a family of 6, or a dining room table; Emari was delighted to play in the “secret room”.

♪ Coloring and hiding eggs: One of my favorite memories of coloring eggs with Gabriel was when we were newly married and he took some of the dye and painted his lips bright blue! I think I’ll always remember this year by Daphne tickling Emari, and how lucky we are to have captured this sweet exchange between Mother and daughter.

♪ Searching for Easter baskets: Searching for Easter baskets is a fun tradition I grew up with. After church on Easter Sunday, we always delighted in coming home to search for our Easter baskets; I was always the last to find mine. Up until this year, I have always hidden the baskets and Gabriel has searched for them, but since we had a little one coming to visit we let her search for all 4 of them! Don’t think we left the dogs out, Tipsy and Danger each got a pig ear and a fun little squeaky toy shaped like a pig which they destroyed in all of 3 minutes, literally!

♪ Dessert: There is just something about Angel Food Cake and Easter. Last year we had Orange Angel Food Cake, and this year we opted for the Chocolate version. Plus, with Emari’s help we realized how much better this cake could be with an obscene 4oz. of sprinkles! Notice in the photo below how the sprinkle container is centered directly above the middle of the cake? By the time I put the camera away the hole in the middle of the cake was filled, level to the cake, with sprinkles!

I love the pagan traditions of Easter, but of course, the true meaning of Easter is focused on Christ and his Resurrection; all the more reason we were delighted to share this meaningful holiday with friends. I can’t wait to hear how you celebrated!

Cake: Chocolate Angel Food
Frosting: Creamy Sugar
Topping: An entire bottle of colored sprinkles

This cake shares the same recipe as Angel Fairy Cake, with a simple substitution of 3/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup powdered cocoa, for the 1 cup flour.

And the frosting is just as easy – heavy cream and powdered sugar until desired consistency is reached.

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  1. how fun!!! what a darling little girl! anyways, soo much fun!
    K> you look AMAZING! seriously catherine! i LOVE YOUR BLUE striped shirt too! wow! love it!
    you look awesome!
    and wow! that food sounds divine!

    a chocolate angel food cake!? WHAT?!? oooh man! sounds heavenly! you are awesome!

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