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There is only so much you can pack into a three day trip to Utah. Pre prom prep with my niece? – unfortunately no, but… I did get to meet her boyfriend. A trip to the beauty school to dye my hair platinum? – a very disappointing no. A traditional dinner at the Brick Oven? – not since my 25th birthday. An 11am showing of Wolverine with a few of my nieces and nephews in tow? – recommended! Enjoying some fantastic breakfast sausage? – thank you, yes.

For the most part my time was spent at the Art Shoppe sampling Sweet Sauce and Sweet Logs.

Marie and Pamela hosted a fabulous boutique! It’s so much fun to be in such talented and impressive company (and I’m not a bit partial being Pamela’s sister!) not to mention spending three days straight with my sister!

Some of the treasures I came home with include an adorable purse from Elle Cottage Designs, a darling dance bag (though for me it will be minus the dance) that looks like a miniature tutu from Sweet Cheeks, and bewitching jewelry from Tom Design.

These lovely ladies were a few of the artistic vendors. Amy, from Ar Mel’s Bakery: Delightfully tasty scratch made pies, breads, and brownies. Ali, from Scentsy: Deliciously fragrant wickless candles with adorable ceramic containers. Michelle & Vikki, from Type Type Type: Enticing and chic graphic prints.

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  1. OOOH HOW FUN! you Look fabulous!! and, ooh man! I LOVE THE STAND that the pecan logs were in! OOOH LOVE IT! GOOD CHOICE! where did you end up getting it!? LOVE IT!
    anywyas, your hair is beautiful in this pic!
    love you! wish i could go to see you IN ACTION! (or ever for that matter!)
    love you babe!

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