A Family Favorite

Have I mentioned yet that I love living near my sisters? I’ve been having so much fun just simply walking up the street and seeing them out in the yard!

A few days ago, Pamela and I went to Costco together and both came home with handfuls of plump, blue, blueberries. Naturally, I felt inspired to make muffins. Growing up, my mom made the most incredible blueberry muffins. They were smooth, sweet and tempting, and were always a family favorite. The only thing better than those muffins,… are these muffins:

Banana Blueberry Muffins

These muffins are courtesy of my sister Pamela, at French Knots; be sure to surf over there for the complete recipe and instructions.

As if these muffins could get any better, I decided to made a slight addition. Since I was thinking of how much I love living near my sisters, I opted to add some of the crumble topping from my Sister Envy dessert-it added just an extra hint of spice, and since my muffins lacked a few to many blueberries, it was a nice addition.

Even better, last night, my cute little nephew (of the same family) visited us for a slumber party! We played Mario Kart Wii and Webkinz, enjoyed Licorice and Laffy Taffy, played with the Furries and watched Chicken Run with a freshly popped bag of buttered popcorn!

I also learned about his secret birthday wish! He turns 8 years old in November, and the one thing he really, really, really wants is D-Rex: “If you master D-Rex…, you rule the House”! The D-Rex is an amazing robotic interactive dinosaur that protects your room, charges at intruders, and only likes the people that you command it to like! Of course, we made sure to call Grandma to make sure she knew about this incredible toy pet.

It wasn’t until 1 am that we finally crashed!

In the morning, our little guest applied his best french accent to extend an invitation to Pamela and his little brother, for reservations at La Maison du Chef J.

We worked furiously to open on time, featuring his Mom’s favorite breakfast:

German Pancakes

This recipe is also a family favorite, and although it is Pamela’s personal favorite, I remember enjoying it most frequently at my sister Candi’s. This recipe is also hosted over at French Knots; while the cutest photo tutorial, with the cutest little boy ever, is hosted right here.

Just for mom, he revised the menu to allow for the pancakes to be served with strawberries and cream. Plus, he selected the best strawberry in the bunch to carve out a Little P on the side, and filled it with cream for an adornment on Mom’s plate.

Despite how much fun we had all night and day, the best part of the whole adventure, hands down, was when my nephew asked as they were headed home: “Aunt Cathy? When can I come over again?”

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  1. Yum. Those muffins were dope! And the German pancakes look boss! I wish I had some. It was fun having Jack over to play games and hang out. That kid sure can inhale the candy.

  2. Freshly baked blueberry muffins are the best and I love the crumb topping. These look delicious! Jack looks like the future chef! What an adorable kid!!!

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