Happy Birthday Big Brother!

Tonight we remembered Michael’s birthday, he would have been 34 this year. It was sweet and simple; just me, Pamela, Jill and our families celebrating life, and one whom we loved so much.

We spent the evening at the park and ate German Chocolate Cake-it was Michael’s favorite, and he would have loved it. Of course we sang Happy Birthday; I’m sure it made him laugh hearing us sing off key.

We miss you!

Growing up we always had German Chocolate Cake, if for no other reason then it was the best cake in the whole world. No one ever requested anything different, nor did we expect anything else on our special day. It was the only cake we ever wanted.

I only remember one birthday in which we didn’t eat German Chocolate Cake! It was my 18th birthday and instead we had a Ghiradelli cake. It was beautiful chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and solid chocolate wedges on top, but Michael and I snubbed our noses at it because it wasn’t the traditional German Chocolate Cake!

No one makes German Chocolate Cake like my mother,… except maybe me – and only because she taught me. She even cut it a special way, in half, and then sideways along the edge horizontally, creating what we dubbed: the edge piece. It was the piece with the most gravel and frosting, and was always bestowed upon the birthday child.

I can’t wait to start this tradition with our own children.

*Increase water by ½ cup when melting chocolate
*Increase buttermilk by ¼ cup
*Do not over beat egg whites
*Stir coconut-pecan frosting (aka gravel) the entire cooking process

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  1. What a tender caring tribute! AND he would have loved it. I'll guarantee he did. And those great pictures! They were my favorites. It tore at my heartstrings. I had no one to put their arms around me today and give me a hug. This remembrance from his sisters and their families did it instead.
    Fabulous sisters; THANK YOU for being such fabulous women!

  2. That was a great evening, such a sweet time!! I loved the cake and eating it in rememberance of him. He was a great big brother. Thanks Kitty. The cake tasted just as good as Mom's.

  3. On my birthday, my mom would make us whatever we wanted for a meal and cake. One year she made me a fabulous Chocolate cake with a carmel icing that she called German chocolate cake. It was a beautiful cake and I loved it. Now she would make me cheese cake or carrot cake because I would find it too rich but I loved it then.
    Thanks for the memory…
    Warmest regards,

  4. that is too sweet! you are soo darling! i LOVE your blue striped shirt! and i am glad you guys did that! how darling! what a great tradition to start with your own kids! that is soo cute! THANK You for sharing the german chocolate cake recipe! you are awesome! you are the best! amazing!! amazing! that is all i have to say! :O)

  5. I don't know what happened to your brother, but I enjoyed reading your post and am very sorry he's no longer here to eat the German chocolate cake with you!

    Thanks for the post on my blog – enjoyed it! You, btw, have a great looking blog, definitely something to be proud of.

  6. I have that exact cardboard recipe piece, (Did it come off of what? I have had it so long I no longer remember) I make the cake on Thanksgiving. Only once a year, way too fattening for more often, but oh so yummy!!

  7. The birthday party seems interesting and fun. My toddler’s birthday is also coming and I am planning a rainbow themed party at some domestic New York Event Venues. Would book the outdoor venue so I can make realistic looking party décor. So excited for this bash!

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