Project 2,996

I would love to blog about a tasty treat today, but I dropped my camera in the Mossy Cave Waterfall… and the lens is broken.

However, I have something even better to share with you.

This morning I happened across an incredible project: Project 2,996 Too Many. A project working to honor the victims of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack in NYC in 2001. This year will mark the 8 year anniversary of that horrifying day-but you can be a part of the rising humanity and beauty that has occurred as a result, by paying tribute to the fallen heroes who tragically died.

Catherine Favazza initiated a blogging frenzy in 2006 when she assigned a blogger to all 2,996 victims individually, asking that each blogger put a face to a name, to recognize and share the contribution each victim made to America and in the lives of their friends and family, to learn about and celebrate each persons’ life. Simply, to pay tribute to the person behind the sacrifice.

This annual tradition is continuing in 2009.

I don’t need to tell you that this project transcends party lines and individual opinions and passions. This project is simply about honoring those who had no choice, who died needlessly, whose families were left to pick up the pieces, who sacrificed beyond comprehension,… honoring those who remind us of the precious freedoms we take for granted: 2,996 people.

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