Rain or Shine

In Oregon, the only month in which you can depend on good weather, is the month of August. Weddings, camping trips, hikes and outdoor adventures always fill up the month of August in Oregon. And, while the rest of the country is busy starting school, Oregon prolongs the start of school until September – allowing it’s students to fully enjoy a true summer vacation.

I’m a little behind on this month’s Recipe Swap… between celebrating our anniversary at Bryce Canyon over the 1st, and participating in Mindy Mae’s Market the following weekend. It would have been perfect to have published this post on National S’more Day, August 10! but I’m just not that with it! But, I can promise that the wait was more than worth it – keep reading!

The weather is the sole inspiration for this month’s recipe swap, since many activities and most schedules in Oregon are dependent on the weather, though really, we just learn to do and love doing, everything in the rain. However, toasting marshmallows over an open fire pit is downright impossible in torrential downpour.

Plus, since we don’t get all that much sun anyway, we have to improvise to get our fill; so this month’s recipe swap is all about s’mores! I have to say it again, I love S’mores; likely more than anyone to have ever walked on this green earth, dead or alive: yep that much!

#1: S’mores Tart, by Boastful Baker
Melissa was inspired to create her own s’mores tart recipe one evening while basking in the evening firelight of a campfire. In my opinion, that is always when the best recipes are envisioned.

#2: S’mores Panini, by Bittersweet
Hannah not only shared this incredible concoction with us, but she also shared her newest vegan marshmallow find as well! Unfortunately, there is no recipe to accompany this blog, but I think the idea is fairly straightforward.

#3: S’mores Cake, by Evil Cake Lady
I learned what a “food blog” was for the first time when I met the ‘Evil Cake Lady‘ at a cake bakeoff. Don’t pay any attention to the cake I brought, it was my first attempt at a square cake, (and mind you I didn’t have a square cake pan at the time) but do spend a few moments ooogling her S’mores Cake!

#4: Campfire Cookies, by Fahrenheit 350° (oooh! that’s me!)
These cookies truly are the best of both worlds; they are chewy like a cookie and crunchy like a s’more. However, unlike true s’mores you don’t have to have great weather or a fire pit-all you need are s’more ingredients!

1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
Cream together butter and sugar until incorporated

2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
Beat thoroughly

2 cups flour
½ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup chocolate chips, or one giant Hershey’s bar, chopped
1 cup mini marshmallows
Stir to incorporate

The most fun part about these cookies is that you actually bake the cookie on top of a whole graham cracker.

Bake at F350°, for no more than 11 minutes (after 11 minutes, the graham cracker will burn).
Some of the marshmallow may toast off the cracker, but simply remove the cracker from your cookie sheet and quickly transfer to a wire rack.
Yields 4 dozen

Other links:
Bliss Tree recently posted a fantastic review about The Micro S’more
In June, I posted a Campfire S’more Brownie recipe
For the Love of Cooking has an excellent “true campfire” S’more tutorial

Now, it is your turn! Share your favorite S’more recipes for the month of August, and be sure to include a link! I will pick a recipe at random(.org), and highlight it on my blog!

I love to make new recipes, and I love to link to fabulous, talented people!

3…, 2…, 1…, Start submitting!

43 thoughts on “Rain or Shine”

  1. OH MY GOD, what an amazing creation, Kitty! Seeing those beautiful , gooey, marshmallow chocolate chip cookies atop graham crackers nearly sent me running to the kitchen to see if I had all the ingredients, at almost 11pm..lol I'm in LOVE with this recipe! I didn't even realize there was a S'mores challenge too! There are so many challenges in the food blogging world, I lose track! OH, BTW, Happy anniversary to you and your hubby!

  2. they really didnt turn out, the cracker burnt before the cookies got a chance to be cooked. Consider baking the cookies for a couple minutes then transferring them onto the cracker

  3. These are FABULOUS. Writing this comment while eating my third one. They are SO easy to make, very few dishes, simple ingredients with wonderful results. New fav!

  4. This sounds yummy. Any suggestions for high altitude adjustments, since this Oregon girl is now in Colorado? And to be fair, September is usually nicer than June in Oregon, right?

  5. I just made these and they are AMAZING! Definitely bookmarking this recipe. The raw dough is even really addicting!! I suppose I may be a little biased though.. I have a slight obsession with s'mores 😉

  6. I just made some and they are so yummy! My only question is are they suppose to be so salty? I used the amount the recipe called for and they were a bit too salty for my liking…

  7. Loving that everyone is enjoying these cookies as much as I do!

    They should not be super salty, I'm sorry you had that experience. I'd recommend omiting the salt, and test bake one cookie. If it tastes to your liking – voila!

  8. Absolutely LOVE these cookies. The first two batches are in the oven and the third is still baking. These were shut-the-front-door delicious. I honestly could eat them all day! I didn't have any mini-marshmallows but slicing big ones did just fine. The recipe had a large yield of 3 dozen and you could probably do 4 if you don't do huge scoops! Great "study day" snack that I plan to share! Thanks for sharing – I plan to do the same!

  9. I made them and they were ok. I'm pretty sure they would be amazing if the marshmallows wouldn't have disappeared? I don't know what happened but I couldn't taste them or see them when they were finished! Please help!

  10. The marshmallows will melt slightly, but they shouldn't disappear. Depending on your oven, you may need to reduce the temperature somewhat.

    I personally don't prefer the taste of graham flour. In addition, you lose the unique similarity to actual s'mores when you don't bake them on an actual graham cracker – but it sounds like you've got a great idea for a new type of cookie!

  11. Perfect cookie to make for a bake sale, especially since I had bought graham crackers and gieant hershey chocolate bar for s’mores that didn’t happen last summer.
    For the previous comments that complained about the graham cracker overcooking…always adjust your oven rack to just below the middle. Use your convection feature at 325* if you have the option. Never bake your cookies at the bottom of the oven. They always are too brown and crispy by the time the top is done.

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