Blogiversary Giveaway Finalè

At this point, I’m on the verge of regretting this whole giveaway smörgåsbord – especially today… because I want everything that one of you lucky characters will soon acquire! But, seeing as I’m sooo generous, and the show must go on, without further adieu I now present to you the finalè, and full bounty of the:

Fahrenheit 350°
Blogiversary Giveaway!

What’s behind Door #Saturda
My favorite non-Edible Treats!

Amanda at Bake It Pretty has donated: The Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit! This icing kit comes with four jumbo decorating tips and one pastry bag = everything you need to create stunning cupcakes! This is always a crowd pleaser!

Lisa at Cupcake Wrapture has donated: 5 packages of cupcake wrappers! These adorable cupcake wrappers are like skirts for your cupcakes; they simply slip around your cupcake base and dress up any party! They are reusable, 2 sided, and perfect for any occasion!

Teresa at Rainbow Star Designs has donated: 2 sets of darling cupcake hair clips! These clips are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit – adult or otherwise, and will let everyone know just how sweet you are!

Shannon at Goldilocks Barrettes’ has donated: A slice of vanilla birthday cake with strawberry filling and chocolate frosting barrette! This birthday cake will remind you all year just how special you are!

Leeana at Love Lee Soaps has donated: A Hershey’s 2oz. Kiss Chocolate Soap! Lather up with this chocolaty delight and smell like heaven all day long!

Jana at Candle Lynn Co. has donated: 12 Candles shaped and scented like your favorite Tartlettes! These candles will energize and lift up your spirits all day long as their aroma fills your home with their sweet scents!

Sisters Angela and Brittany at Baby Blue Skie Designs have donated: 6 Pie Charms! These interchangeable pie charms will look darling on a bracelet or necklace! Not to mention, they will always remind you to never forget dessert!

Helen at Bead Passion has donated: A Fruit Cupcake ring! Don’t get confused by this darling hand crafted ring! It’s so adorable it will make everyone jealous and hungry that passes you on the street!

To enter this giveaway: Go to each featured artist’s website and pick out something you’d love to have. Then come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each artist – receive one additional entry per comment, up to 8 entries today alone!

Don’t forget this celebration includes everyone I featured throughout the week too!:

Door #Monday: Butter Toffee from Pammy at French Knots
Door #Tuesday: Pumpkin Muffins from Tracy at Sugar Crafter
Door #Wednesday: Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies…No Lie from Evan at Buttercakes
Door #Thursday: Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti from Janet at LaDue & Crew
Door #Friday: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip and Chocolate Chunk Brown Butter Cookies and a surprise from Lisa at Parsley, Sage, Dessert and Line Drives

All this could be yours!
All of it!
Every little bit!

(fine print below)

Oh!, I almost forgot: I’m giving away three 4oz. Holiday Sweet Logs!

Egg Nog Pecan Sweet Log: Egg Nog flavored cream center encased in vanilla caramel and wrapped in toasted buttery pecans.

Candy Cane Pecan Sweet Log: A pink peppermint center interlaced with See’s melt away peppermint candies, blanketed in chocolate caramel and toasted pecans.

Gingerbread Pecan Sweet Log: A gingerbread candy center wrapped in delicious chewy caramel and coated in sugar toasted pecans!

Extra Large Fine Print:
  • As always, followers automatically get 5 extra entries! (But! you have to leave a comment on the giveaway for validation)
  • Commenting is required, but will also earn you one additional entry per giveaway (look for instructions on each individual giveaway – comments that don’t adhere to the guidelines will be discarded)
  • Facebooking about each giveaway will earn you one additional entry per giveaway (mention in comment)
  • Tweeting will earn you one additional entry per giveaway (mention in comment with #handle)
  • Commenting on the Featured Blogger’s Blog will give you one additional entry per giveaway

First time here? All this week I have been celebrating my blogiversary with prizes and treats and bloggers and giveaways! Everyday something new was up for grabs, and everyday you can enter to win! Today is the last posted part of the giveaway, but you have until Tuesday, November 17th to enter each and every giveaway. ONE very sweet winner will win everything featured this week selected by! That could be you! You, could win everything!

**Giveaway closed! Winner announced soon!**

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  1. OH my goodness sakes! that parsley sage dessert and line drives is soo dang cute! ooh my heavens! those darling cookies. i love the pumpkin ones that were in the pumpkin! how precious!? and the raspberry ones!? holy mother! those look DIVINE!

  2. I am not sure if i am doing this right, but of course your pecan logs look and SOUND amazing! they are My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE… well, that ice cream you made i can't NOT stop thinking about. SERIOUSLY.. CAN NOT! i mean it was the MOST amazing ice cream i have ever had… because your logs were in there. EVERYTHING you make is AMAZING… everything you make is BEAUTIFUL! you are so talented! i love you dearly !

  3. WOW! When you finish with a bang, well, BANG!!

    Bake It Pretty: There's so much great stuff! The first thing I'd probably pick up are some of the baking molds, particularly the star shaped ones and the great little brown scalloped loaf pans.

  4. Goldilocks: There are too many to list but there are 2 that immediately made me laugh: the Futomaki sushi barrette and the bubblegum ice cream cone barrette. 🙂

  5. Love Lee Soaps: The Oreo Cookie Soaps are SWEET! The Bacon and Eggo Soaps are straight up groovy;so is the Happy Peanut Soap Set. Nice stuff all around!

    kneecree at gmail dot com

  6. Hey Kitty! What a wonderful celebration you're having! I love all the prizes! Cupcake decorating kit and most importantly your sweet log…What a GREAT treat! I hope we get to celebrate many more blogiversaries in the future!

  7. so, i totally didn't do it right! hahaha oh well! anyways, so that cupcake decorating thing OOH heaven! seriously! what an AMAZING prize! i love that stuff! how fun! and, of course your pecan logs! amazingly wonderful!!!!

  8. I WILL say oooh my goodness sakes… I LOVED that Rainbow Star Designs… SO darling! i love all her clips and her flowers and everything! and bows! and since i have a MILLION girls… well you know i love that stuff! how precious is all that!? I LOVE IT! it is a great price too! thanks for introducing that to me! ;O)

  9. the bake it pretty is soo darling too! i love that stuff. of course since i LOVE to bake, and anything to make things look more beautiful of course you know i LOVE IT! :O)

  10. oooh i love the bead passion stuff. i love the rose ring. the black and white cupcake necklace.. and of course that darling cupcake ring! oooh my girls would be bonkers for those things! how precious!

  11. the cupcake rapture is SO precious! seriously!? oooh that black and white couldn't be MORE beautiful! seriously! and they are reusable!? what!? that is such a cute idea! sooo precious!

  12. You know that the candlelynn candle co. I love scents! how delicious!!! thanks for sharing that beautiful site! i Love them all! i love all of these! thanks for sharing them! love you!

  13. You know that the candlelynn candle co. I love scents! how delicious!!! thanks for sharing that beautiful site! i Love them all! i love all of these! thanks for sharing them! love you!

  14. I hope, I'm doing the entries right hehe 🙂
    But Bake it pretty's The Original Bake It Pretty Best-Ever Cupcake Icing Kit looks amazing!! I love baking cupcakes, I want this so bad! the tips make the icing so pretty

  15. Holy Schnikey Woman! This is some give-a-way! Not only is it awesome that we all get a chance to win all this stuff but I didn't even know these cute websites were out there so thanks for sharing. I LOVE the bento lunch boxes on bake it pretty. I would probably pack my lunch the night before out of excitement just to use one.

  16. Because the Seven Deadly Gourmet Spice Grinders don't come in a set, Choward's Voilet Gum from Bake it Pretty.

  17. i am baking constantly,i love to bake cookies and cupcakes and give them to the elderly. they love it. once a month i go and visit this would be such a precious gift for me. thanks

  18. My son, CJ the Potential Chef, is obsessed with acorns right now (there is an Acorn Mold) but the real hit would be a Mustache Mold wrapped in a Confectionery Foil.

    Amanda at Bake It Pretty would definitely "explode" my son's "head off" [his version of "it will blow your mind" is "it will explode your head off"] with the creative possibilities!

  19. My pick by Teresa at Rainbow Star Designs is the Burgundy Peony Flower Croched Headband. It's a color I would wear and let's face it, I work out of my home office so anything that helps me feel pretty without being complicated or time consuming is a winner!

    The Fun Toddler Mini Crayons are a great idea. They aren't something I would have thought of but they sure do make sense!

  20. Shannon at Goldilocks Barrettes' has some amazing items! The Hummingbird Nests (esp. the nest barrette with blue speckled eggs and matching birdy barrette SET) are like works of art. I don't think I'd actually let anyone wear them. Although, I guess if I had a little girl, she'd love the couture aspect. =)

  21. In all other things, my son is a typical "boy". When it comes to cupcakes, however, he always goes for the pink. That pink Soy Wax Cupcake Tart with red sprinkles that Jana at Candle Lynn Co. created would definitely be a winner in our house.

    The Holiday Tarts (Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree and Stocking) also get a .:: two thumbs up ::. from me!

  22. Angela and Brittany at Baby Blue Skie Designs have so many great items it was hard to narrow the choices down to one. In the end, I went with a beloved childhood memory … Mario!

    The Mario Mushroom Charms made out of polymer clay are adorable. As are the Snowflake earring posts, the Autumn Gem Wire Wrapped Ring, the Glittering Purple Christmas Light Earrings (I could ask someone if I am the "light" of their life!) ..

  23. Okay, I know I shouldn't be snacking so late but it's all Helen's fault. Her goodies at Bead Passion are so realistic looking that I honestly got a craving for a little smackerel of something.

    Besides the Rottweiler Loves Cupcake Pendant Charm, the Cookies and Cream Cupcake Pendant is one of the only ones I could admire without wanting to bite my laptop screen (hello, Bitten Chocolate Heart!).

  24. I hope, I'm doing the entries right hehe 🙂
    But Bake it pretty's The Original Bake It Pretty Best-Ever Cupcake Icing Kit looks amazing!! I love baking cupcakes, I want this so bad! the tips make the icing so pretty

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