The Day After

What’s behind door #Friday?


Just what are Lisa’s main interests? You got it: Baseball & Food; redolent, delectable and exciting masterpieces on and off the field! I met Lisa just over one year ago when I joined the Daring Baker’s. She was the first person to welcome me to the group and the first to comment on my inaugural challenge. I’ve come to learn that my first impression of Lisa was spot on, she is genuine, thoughtful, and of course incredibly talented.

Lisa’s tagline is: “A whole lotta food with a side of baseball’. Ultimately Lisa plans to open an adorable bistro/patisserie, but has been sidetracked by an unfortunate injury to her knee. Though the injury has put a halt to her Grand Opening – surgery, the use of a cane, and immobility didn’t stop her from baking. She simply improvised using a fondue pot as a stovetop off the couch. Now that is dedication!

Are these not the most gorgeous macarons, you’ve ever seen, and pumpkin macarons at that? Yes please! Move over Tartelette!

Admire this tuile inspired lemon meringue pie! It is mouth watering with layers of lemon curd, meringue, and tuile cookies fashioned after a napoleon!

Lisa is donating her personal favorite dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookies and chocolate chunk brown butter cookies and a surprise treat revealed to the winner only upon arrival of the prize package! Are you expecting the recipe too? Of course she is donating that: Levain Bakery Copycat Cookies.

At this point, you are wishing her bistro/patisserie was a reality – I know! So… to enter this giveaway head over to Parsley, Sage, Dessert and Line Drives and send Lisa some well wishes so she can get up, get better, and get moving! We need a Lisa Michele patisserie! Then come back and comment here, letting me know what you would purchase at her patisserie!

Violà! We are just one day away from the final reveal of the 2009 Fahrenheit 350° Blogiversary Giveaway. Here is a recap of what you could win:
Door #Monday; Chocolate Buttery Toffee from French Knots
Door #Tuesday; Pumpkin Muffins from Sugar Crafter
Door #Wednesday; Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies from Buttercakes
Door #Thursday; Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti from LaDue & Crew
Be sure to enter everyday to increase your chances of winning every single door prize! Remember – ONE very sweet winner will win everything featured this week! That could be you! You, could win everything! Get lots of extra entries by reading and following the extra large fine print below!
Door #Saturday is going to be huge!

Extra Large Fine Print:
  • As always, followers automatically get 5 extra entries! (but! you have to leave a comment on the giveaway for validation)
  • Commenting is required, but will also earn you one additional entry per giveaway (look for instructions on each individual giveaway)
  • Facebooking about each giveaway will earn you one additional entry per giveaway (mention in comment)
  • Tweeting will earn you one additional entry per giveaway (mention in comment with #handle)
  • Commenting on the Featured Blogger’s Blog will give you one additional entry per giveaway

First time here? All week I am celebrating my blogiversary with prizes and treats and bloggers and giveaways! Everyday something new will be up for grabs, and everyday you can enter to win! The last giveaway will be posted on Saturday, and you will have until Tuesday, November 17th to enter each and every giveaway. ONE very sweet winner will win everything featured this week selected by! That could be you! You, could win everything!

**Giveaway closed! Winner announced soon!**

0 thoughts on “The Day After”

  1. PLEASE don't make me pick! The macaroons were ALL amazing looking. I just printed the Pho recipe (ok, not a patisserie item but that's beside the point!) The Coconut Cream Bowls with Bruleed Bananas and Coconut Tuiles makes me want her to open her shop NOW (next door so I can run over and get one of these… or two… on a whim!) As for the “I MUST have Chocolate and Peanut Butter!” Tart, it's just not to be believed!

  2. Went and wished her well… and I would LOVE to have some of her macaroons.

    *scratching her head*

    Although, I truly don't understand why you need "feet" on macaroons.

    Oh yah!

    Can you put my name in your hat, please?


    And thanks!

    Rosa Robichaud

  3. Oh my gosh, Kitty, I'm so flattered, I'm blushing, and thanks all for the lovely comments! As mentioned, there will be more cookies than the ones pictured, and a little surprise along with them 🙂 Looking forward to finding out who the winner is!

    What a great idea for your Blogiversary, Kitty..I may have to pilfer it from you next May for my second..LOL

  4. I would order the lavosh with vegan dip. It's the first I've heard of edemame hummus, so can't wait to try it.

  5. you are simply amazing! happy blogiversary my dear girl! you are awesome! and, your blog is so delicious and wonderful!!!!
    i will tell you that i spent some time looking at this blog! it was soo yummy looking! i loved everything! it was a fun blog…I might have already said something about her darling little cookies that had the raspberries in them and then the cream, and then the ones in the pumpkin!? HOLY MOTHER! those look amazing!!!
    HOLY divine!

  6. oh my land…everything looks deliciouso…I started drooling over the roasted fall vegetable pizza with roasted garlic-chevre sauce! I would order that in a heartbeat!

  7., i missed all the other contests that you had, i take care of my husband full time he is very ill, i did not have any extra time. sorry. but i did enter today.i was not complaing about my husband being ill it is an honor and privlage to do so. thanks have a wonderful wee.

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