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This is all we had in measly Portland, Oregon.

And what is that, you might ask? That is Oregon state’s solitary Decorette Shop, all 300 square feet of it-don’t let the upstairs fool you! And, don’t believe what they say on the ‘about page’ about being knowledgeable, not true at all.

Keeping that in mind, a few months ago Bakerella posted a blog series titled, Where I Shop: Cake Art Party Store! This fabulous shop is located just outside Atlanta, Georgia, but I like to think that it’s secretly in heaven. A little known fact is that Gabriel and I nearly eloped to Atlanta, and before we moved to Utah we were dead set on a move to Cary, North Carolina. At least in Cary we would have been only 6 hours away, as opposed to 29 hours! (I’m still not giving up on the move to Cary…)

Now… I don’t adore Bakerella because of her darling cake pops, or her intensely creative spirit, though all good things. I adore Bakerella because of her insatiable genuine personality that shines through every blog post. However, when she posted her blogs: Where I shop Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3, I uncovered another emotion I had for Bakerella: Envy. What a lucky girl!!

Then we moved to Utah, and I discovered… not only… Baker’s Cash and Carry, but… Orson Gygi! At Baker’s Cash and Carry I was swimming in 10 pound bricks of chocolate. Plus, with the opportunity to sample each different type, I decided upon my favorites:

Callebaut #821 Milk Chocolate
Guittard French Vanilla Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate

At Gygi I had to control myself, not a behavior I’m all too fond of. But, knowing I could return in the very, very near future, and knowing what an indulgent husband I have, I simply selected a few wonderful and much needed items and in honor of Bakerella, I picked out some lollipop sticks and copied her pick for darling cupcake liners! Now I can say, finally, lucky me!

Where do you shop?

10 thoughts on “Where I Shop”

  1. I have to shop…online 🙁 While Hobby Lobby & Michael's carries a basic selection of baking & decorating supplies, I find that most of the time I just want MORE! I especially love Country Kitchen Sweet Art, Bake it Pretty, Karen's Cookies.

  2. I have only had the opportunity to visit Baker's Cash N Carry once or twice while in Utah but I loved it and the prices are so much better than here in California! Do your chocolates of choice have to be tempered?

  3. I've heard of Baker's Cash N Carry a ton. I really should make a trip out there sometime. And I love Orson Gygi even if I don't shop there that often. That pic of you above? ADORABLE! Hope to see you again soon–I devoured your fudge the night I visited Tom & Lucy's Art Shoppe. YUM!

  4. That is MY kind of chocolate! I know you'll be able to do some delicious treats out of that because your pecan bars are out of this world! (Does that make sense – I hope so)

  5. I'm not sure why I have not explored Bakerella more but when I saw her link in your post I thought I'd devote some time. Holy smokies that woman is amazing!

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