Trimming the Tree

Holly Jolly Sisters brings you, Trimming the Tree! Is it any surprise that Gabriel and I have a Christmas Tradition that consists of decorating our tree with seasonal fruits and candy? Over the years we have used rice kripsy treats decorated as presents with colored frosting, traditional gingerbread cookies often representing our favorite people, sugar … Read moreTrimming the Tree

Begging For More

Do you know animals can sense events before they happen? Throughout history, animals have been documented as behaving erratically prior to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions leading to a theory that animals can detect major events hours, days and even weeks in advance. Certainly, Christmas is no exception. Your loyal friend can smell this day coming … Read moreBegging For More

Who is That Birdie in the Window?

Traditionally birds have always been a part of winter and Christmas festivities. From french hens to turtle doves, no one can deny the sweet charm of a tiny bird and its melodic songs chirping outside your window. Despite the chilly frost covering my window this morning, my eye caught this lovely little birdie enjoying the … Read moreWho is That Birdie in the Window?