Trimming the Tree

Holly Jolly Sisters brings you, Trimming the Tree!

Is it any surprise that Gabriel and I have a Christmas Tradition that consists of decorating our tree with seasonal fruits and candy? Over the years we have used rice kripsy treats decorated as presents with colored frosting, traditional gingerbread cookies often representing our favorite people, sugar cookie Santas, stockings, and stars, but without fail, the main ornaments always consist of sliced sugared fruits – grapefruit, limes, oranges, and lemons. The aromatic smell of fruit and pine are a delightful combination!

Decorating the tree is a little elves favorite thing to do in December!!

This year we elected to stick to the color theme of orange, red and green by using clementines, lemons, and strung cranberries! The effect is stunning. Decorating our tree in this manner reminds us of the blessings we have of living on this green Earth and utilizing the resources Heavenly Father has given us.

Cranberry Garland

Darning needle

Green thread, twine or yarn

Thread your string, twine or yarn through your darning needle, double the string if thin
Tie a knot at the end of the string
String cranberries until thread is full
Tie a knot at the opposite end
Drape over tree liberally

This garland is so appealing with its multiple shades of red! Utilize it on your tree, banister, wreath, or outside shrubbery!

It is fitting that while we were stringing cranberries, we were simultaneously watching Food Network Extreme Challenge – “Decorating the Christmas Tree”! We got so many ideas – like – dousing your tree in corn syrup and then covering it in coconut! Stay tuned next year!

For more ideas on decorating your tree, scoot over to French Knots and see what Pammy has up her elfish costume sleeve!

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  1. Love your orange/cranberry tree! Huh? Corn syrup and coconut? My tree is naked, leaning like the tower of Pisa…got to take care of it right now~ Thanks for the great post!

  2. Whoa! The cranberry garland looks great! The hubbs and I were just talking about how we'd like a garland for our tree but not the usual tinsely kind. This sounds perfect!

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