Recommending: Stràw bërri

Fresh strawberry purée kneaded into a creamy vanilla candy fondant,… enveloped with a rich, chocolate fudge caramel,… and coated with buttery, perfectly toasted brown sugar pecans… constitutes the new Fahrenheit 350° Stràw bërri Sweet Pecan Log. Available now at Fahrenheit 350°,and in person, February 5, at the Salt Lake City Art Market. Want to win … Read moreRecommending: Stràw bërri

Sundae Crêpes: Blackberry Lemon

Gabriel and I stayed in all weekend. We played Super Mario Wii until I developed carpal tunnel. We enjoyed strawberry crêpes on Saturday, and blackberry lemon crêpes on Sunday. Gabriel told jokes, and I giggled. We developed a new tradition: Sundae Crêpes. Blackberry Lemon Crêpes Lemon Curd1 tablespoon lemon zest4 tablespoons lemon juice¾ cup butter2 … Read moreSundae Crêpes: Blackberry Lemon


Horrors. Ironic isn’t it, how delightful a word that is? So descriptive, compelling, and inciting. The thought of it being a baby’s first little word is quite imaginative. I think I’ll work very hard at making sure my someday little ones say something equally attractive the first opportunity they get to exercise their vocal chords.Don’t … Read moreHorrors