Dudes! Majorly cool stuff happened this week, and I’ve finally recovered from their sheer overwhelming awesomeness to share. Um,… like how about the airing of the first episode of the final season of LOST!

It was pretty much a huge event over here.

I mean, maybe you already knew this. Like back when I held a scientific poll asking: Who is your favorite LOST scientist, or perhaps when I talked about paying homage to JJ Abrams with Fringe while LOST was on hiatus, or possibly when I talked about watching re-runs of LOST, or the other time when I mentioned watching back to back episodes of LOST, or when I gave you a run down of how many episodes per day we scheduled to finish watching every season before the season premiere, or maybe it was back at the start of Season 5 when I presented you with a fanatical review of the season opener: Because You Left, and renamed the dessert Eclairs after the character Claire on the show.

So, like we decided to pick a character every episode this season, and you know, like eat food they would eat. And Since Hurley owns Mr. Clucks and all, we went with Fried Chicken for S6E1 (Season 6, Episode 1).

LOST S6E1&2: Hurley Night

  • Mr. Clucks Fried Chicken
  • Mr. Clucks Mashed Potatoes
  • Mr. Clucks Fried Potato Wedges
  • Mr. Clucks Biscuits
  • Dharma Soda

Then, since we didn’t know what happened when Juliet hit the bomb thingy, or if the characters would still be in 1977, we went for a popular 70’s dessert to be safe and cover all the bases. And, we made it with Twinkies for, like the sponge cake part, because that’s what Hurley would want.

  • Baked Alaska

Frozen Alaska, ‘cuz I didn’t like bake it and stuff

Find a cake pan and a bowl that are similar in size, you want to match the rim of the bowl with the pan
Place horizontally sliced Twinkies, cream side up, to fill the cake pan snug
Freeze Twinkies in pan until firm

**Tip: The base of a springform pan works great.

Line a large bowl, matching the size of your cake pan, with tin foil
Spoon your favorite flavor of Tillamook Ice Cream into the bowl, about 1-2 quarts, as high as a dome as you want
Freeze until firm and retains shape when removed from bowl

Remove Twinkie base from freezer, and lift ice cream out of the bowl and remove foil
Invert domed ice cream and place onto Twinkie base
Cover tops and sides with cool whip
Freeze again until firm
(Traditionally this dessert is covered with meringue, but Hurley would want, you know, like cool whip)

S6E1 was awesome, and intense, and crazy and answered so many questions and it was just like, I don’t know, the best ever!

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  1. I'm a HUGE Lost fan… HUGE… Sawyer's my hottie…They say that the season premier will make more sense after the next episode.

    Excited about the final season beginning, but sad it is the final season. 🙁

  2. I'm sure everyone is struck by the LOST info but I can't get over that yummy dessert that includes Twinkies! Yummy!

    Visiting from SITS.

  3. Holy moly, Twinkies AND Cool Whip! Yumminess! I've got LOST on my Netflix list. I missed out on the first two seasons (night classes or something like that), and by the time I could watch it I was so far behind it wasn't worth it! Finally caught up on Ugly Betty.


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