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The Price is Right: Round One

It's Sweet to Share!

One of these is not like the other:

Having come from and lived in Oregon, and having moved to Utah, I have lamented the loss of WinCo daily, and on multiple occasions via this blog. In fact, if you Google WinCo, my blog will show up multiple times in the first couple of pages. This is not solely due to the fact that Winco is “The Supermarket Low Price Leader”, it is because WinCo carries a multitude of products, and more importantly, the products that I want. For the record, I was neither paid, nor compensated to write this review; simply… I heart WinCo.

7020 S. 700 W.
Midvale, Utah 84047

2572 S. 5600 W.
West Valley, Utah 84120
Open 24 Hours

WinCo currently has two 2 store locations in Utah, with 9 additional stores slated to open throughout the state by the end of 2010.
WinCo is a western supermarket chain, owned and operated by it’s employees. The first WinCo opened in Boise, Idaho in 1967 and was previously known first as Waremart, and then as Cub Foods. As the store grew both in size and popularity it’s name changed to WinCo in 1999 as it branched across several states. WinCo is an acronym which utilizes the states in which it is located, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Oregon, and stands for Winning Company.

Winco can even beat Costco on prices.

The bulk section at WinCo is A to the mazing.
Tapioca flour, rye flour, gluten flour, spelt flour, white flour, white unbleached flour, rice flour, soy flour, whole wheat flour, whole eat unbleached flour from $0.27/lb to $2.56/lb; spice apple bran mix, cornbread mix, blueberry muffin mix, biscuit mix, brownie mix, chicken breading mix, buttermilk pancakes mix, 10 grain muffin mix, pizza dough mix from $0.69/lb to $1.56/lb; short grain brown rice, jasmine rice, long grain brown rice, white short grain rice, white long grain rice, basmati rice, pearl rice, jasmine brown rice, converted rice from $0.60/lb to $1.57/lb; soy beans, navy beans, black turtle beans, northern beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, red beans, kidney beans, pink beans, adzuki beans, maya coba beans from $0.55/lb to $1.38/lb. Bricks of Guittard Milk and Dark Chocolate at $3.24/lb.

Not only is the produce beautiful, but vast, encompassing of the entire store. My little Tipsy loves crunchy bell peppers, and at this price she can have all the peppers she begs for.

The broccoli is trimmed near the base of the crown, so you aren’t paying for all stem!!

The cashiers even gently slide your fruit across the scale and onto the conveyor belt so you aren’t sent home with bruised goodies! And… if a price rings up wrong – it’s free!

Yes! Actual heads of lettuce is sold at WinCo, and of multiple varieties!

WinCo is a true “supermarket”, not a superTarget, or superWalmart which also sells food, but a supermarket in the business of providing bulk food, bulk varieties of food, bulk options, and bulk prices, i.e. aisle after aisle of groceries.

Would you prefer week old Sara Lee Bread from the aftermarket bakery for a discounted price? or corn syrup and fructose free, fresh whole grain Oroweat bread with antioxidants, fiber and protein.

There is no comparison to Tillamook Dairy Products from Cheese to Yogurt. Tillamook is a farmer owned dairy who prides themselves on the fact that they refuse to use hormones, or rBST injections on their cows or in their products. Did you know that Yoplait Yogurt contains – not only aspartame, but corn syrup as well? You won’t find either of those cancer causing products in Tillamook yogurt, sold at $0.45/ea!

When I first visited the WinCo in Midvale I made a beeline for the Ice Cream. I called Gabriel, shaking with excitement began reading to him, “Oregon Black Cherry, Rocky Road, Banana Split, Caramel Toffee Crunch, Udderly Chocolate, Marionberry Pie, and French Vanilla.” I’m not ashamed to say I even cried a little bit.

For those who don’t understand by now what happened: Tillamook Ice Cream is sold exclusively in stores located in close proximity to the factory where the Ice Cream is produced… until now. Because Tillamook buys for all it’s locations, now even the Utah WinCo’s are able to carry Tillamook Ice Cream, and that, makes my life worth living (in Utah).

Let’s play a little game: The Price is Right!
How much do you think each of the above
items is currently on sale for at Winco?
  • 1 point: Leave a comment
  • 2 points: Quess your price, one comment per item ex, Avocados, $
  • 3 points: Blog about your own love for WinCo, or link to this blog post
  • Deadline to enter: March 5

The 4 entries who come the closest to the price I actually paid for that item at WinCo, without going over, will win a free 1.75 quart of Tillamook Ice Cream, your flavor choice, redeemable at any WinCo in Utah. Coupons good for one year – courtesy of Tillamook Creamery and Fahrenheit 350°.

When you get your ice cream, you’ll cry a little bit too… seriously-I would prefer this to a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer… no lie!

*All images courtesy of Google Images. Contest open to contestants located in WinCo states only, sorry!

It's Sweet to Share!


  1. I've heard such fab things about WinCo but also heard about the crowds. I haven't dared go with my kids in tow, but perhaps I'll give the Midvale one a try one evening without kids. Sounds wonderful! Hope they're putting in a Sandy location too!

  2. $1, Bob!!

    We had WinCo in Idaho and absolutely loved the prices compared to the other grocery stores (Albertsons)! So glad they're coming to Utah! 🙂 Now, let's just hope they bring one further south….

  3. We always used to go to Winco in Idaho Falls for the bulk foods dection, so glad the Midvale one is close.

    Avascados $1.68 and really ripe ones $.48; walnuts $3.30 lb.; red peppers $.78, yellow $1.48 LB; green$.88; brocolli $.98 lb; pears$.68; leaf lettuce $1.28 each; Progresso chicken noodle soup $1.38; Orowheat bread $4.07 loaf; Tillamook Ro0cky Road Ice Cream $3.78.


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