Where We Jet

JetBlue currently jets across the US and Caribbean with destinations totaling 60; we affectionatly refer to them as Blue Cities. Several can be found in California, the Caribbean, down south in Florida, up in New England, back home in the Northwest, and homegrown in Texas. You can access an interactive flight route map at JetBlue.com, … Read moreWhere We Jet

How to Make Irish Potatoes

Saint Patrick’s Day Irish Candy Potatoes are an old tradition originating from a Philadelphia Confectionery. The candy is comprised of whipped divinity and candy cream which is shaped like a certain tube shaped vegetable and then dipped in cocoa powder and cinnamon. Some versions use coconut, but as I was first introduced to the St. … Read moreHow to Make Irish Potatoes

Sundae Crêpes: Chocolate Pear

Crêpes are a simple beauty; versatile, accommodating, gratifying, not to mention culturally significant. They are loved the world over, and especially so in my home. I’ve tried several crêpe recipes, but I keep coming back to this favorite passed down through my family due to it’s simplicity. The core recipe of eggs, milk and flour … Read moreSundae Crêpes: Chocolate Pear

The Price is Right!: Round Two

Here it comes–from the Fahrenheit 350° Kitchen, the internet’s most exciting giveaway, the fabulous ‘Price is Right’! Time for the big reveal!Avocados: The actual WinCo retail price is… Bell Peppers: The actual WinCo retail price is… Oroweat Bread: The actual WinCo retail price is… Broccoli: The actual WinCo retail price is… Romaine Lettuce: The actual … Read moreThe Price is Right!: Round Two

A Daring Bakers’ First Anniversary

One year ago I joined the Daring Bakers’; a conglomeration of world wide bakers who gather together every month to embark upon a baking challenge. Twice this year I’ve had to remake something I failed at multiple times in the past, Puff Pastry and Flourless Cake, both successes! I tried my hand at Macarons, and … Read moreA Daring Bakers’ First Anniversary