Easy Treats

If you are like me, you need a treat more than just every once in a while.
I always remember being this way. I don’t know if this desire originated from growing up with Type 1 juvenile diabetes and having to sit out every school class birthday party, every elementary Valentine’s day exchange, or any special occasion which included sugar of any kind, waiting for the festivities to end, by myself, in the gym, staring at the ugly tile floors and ugly white walls – alone. It could be the trauma from leaving the hospital after being just diagnosed, to spend one hour of Thanksgiving dinner with my family at my Grandmother’s house, as my mother cried through the whole meal while using measuring cups to limit what I could eat. Or… it could be that innately I simply enjoy giving into the sweet surrender of a delicious and satisfying confection.
I am fortunate enough to work from home save but one day a week. Truth be told, my favorite day is that one day that I get to go into the center to work, although you can’t beat waking up minutes before your start time and throwing on a pair of sweats. That one Tuesday, the day I work my shift in the center, my team generally exchanges treats.

The day I brought these popcorn balls was out of desperation. You know me, I’m a show off, so when I found Tuesday looming around the corner, and my energy was non-existent, I slapped together these treats so I didn’t show up empty handed. While I crave these popcorn balls on a frequent basis, I was thrilled to find them become a raging hit amongst my coworkers as well.

Popcorn Balls

The next time you are in a pinch, this is the easiest, tastiest, best, go to recipe!

Pop 2-3 bags of butter microwave popcorn
Melt over medium heat:
1 ½ cups sugar
½ cup Karo syrup
1 cup butter

Bring to boil for 3 minutes. Watch closely because you don’t want to cook it any longer.
Remove from heat.
3 cups mini marshmallows
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Stir in pan until marshmallows are melted. Pour over popcorn, until evenly coated. Spread over wax paper to cool.

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  1. wow…I am sure the recipe is great, but I am having a hard time getting past the fact that a school put you into the gym alone while the parties where going on…why do that? Couldn't you have attended the party and just not eaten the food..

  2. Good ol' Cherry Park did that? I can't remember but it's probably because I was stuck in Mrs. Henry's class while you guys got the split class with Mrs. Warnell! 🙂 These look AWESOME and I'm on my way to try them TONIGHT!

  3. Omigosh these look amazing! My next door neighbor made popcorn balls every Halloween through my whole childhood. She always used food coloring to make them pink or purple or blue or something cool and they were always SO yummy! I'm totally trying them!

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