Crossing Over

I think you’ve crossed over into obsession once you start creating recipes for the frosting you want to use. Though, this isn’t exactly frosting as much as it’s an amazing concoction disguised as an overload of sugar.  All types of sneaky fingers will find their way into this mixture. Originally, this idea gave birth to a simple cookie pizza: Chocolate chip … Read moreCrossing Over

Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

I just need one thing on Valentine’s Day: lots and lots of chocolate! Lots and lots of chocolate! I don’t care how you give it to me, just give me lots and lots of CHOCOLATE! Chocolate Peppermint Mousse  The peppermint flavor in this mousse lends a cool, and refreshing bite to this decadent dessert, however, the flavor is scant and … Read moreJust In Time For Valentine’s Day

Paying Homage

A new year always brings about ridiculous resolutions that never stick, and wild claims and accusations about becoming a “new you” – as if something was wrong with the person you were 30 seconds ago. While growth and knowledge increase our experience and understanding, our toxic culture encourages us to never be satisfied and constantly … Read morePaying Homage

Where We Jet

JetBlue currently jets across the US and Caribbean with destinations totaling 60; we affectionatly refer to them as Blue Cities. Several can be found in California, the Caribbean, down south in Florida, up in New England, back home in the Northwest, and homegrown in Texas. You can access an interactive flight route map at, … Read moreWhere We Jet

How to Make Irish Potatoes

Saint Patrick’s Day Irish Candy Potatoes are an old tradition originating from a Philadelphia Confectionery. The candy is comprised of whipped divinity and candy cream which is shaped like a certain tube shaped vegetable and then dipped in cocoa powder and cinnamon. Some versions use coconut, but as I was first introduced to the St. … Read moreHow to Make Irish Potatoes

How to M.A.K.E. Your Own Awesome Candies

Last year I blogged about how to make your own Candy Chocolates; chocolate coated, candy cream flavored centers in a two part series. This year…. Accept your invitation over at Bloom, for a bigger and better tutorial. It’s not too late for Valentine’s Day!Head over there now to your baking on! A Place to Bloom: … Read moreHow to M.A.K.E. Your Own Awesome Candies