Happy Feet

I made a promise of sorts last year in October, something along the lines of: “I’m hell bent on making some perfect scratch made macaroons!“ That was after multiple failed attempts, a daring bakers challenge and a lot of wasted almond flour; that was when I called them macaroons, and not their proper name, macarons. … Read more

The Depositor of Dust

Lucky for us, every one of my parent’s children were sprinkled with Baker’s dust before our entrance to Earth… but some, more than others, must have had a very special relationship with The Depositor of Dust; while some, less than others, received only a trickle of the special Baker’s powder. My sister Candice is affectionately … Read more

Come Listen to a Prophets Voice Day One

A little while back in Primary, one of the leaders was explaining to the children that we wouldn’t be meeting the following week because it was General Conference, when immediately one of the children yelled out, “That means doughnuts!” Being a huge proponent for any cause to celebrate or festivalize family events, frankly I’m surprised … Read more


When making Gabriel’s Birthday Cake, I found myself with a bit of extra batter. What to do other than make cupcakes? The choice becomes exceptionally clear, especially when you are working with decadent Swiss Meringue Buttercream! When it tastes this good, you want to make it last… by filling those cupcakes as well as frosting … Read more