Climbing Trees

I grew up on Main Street; I don’t say that like the politicians say it (who are all lying anyway), I say that because I literally grew up on a Main Street. I always found the name a little silly because we lived in a house on a cul-de-sac, at the top of a hill, … Read more

Endless Opportunities

Some like it hot, orange juice that is… okay, a very limited few “some”, me included. The way it soothes as it rushes down your gullet and the way it warms up every part of your body is pure comfort. It is just like a wonderful dessert! Warming orange juice eliminates the acidity, and leaves … Read more

I’m baaack!

The things I always remember about moving are the fun parts; purging all the old collections of forgotten items left hidden after they have fallen behind furniture, replacing favorite possessions you wouldn’t otherwise justify spending the money on, and venturing recklessly into the unknown with wild abandon. I dismiss the memory of how many boxes … Read more

Come Listen to a Prophets Voice Day One

A little while back in Primary, one of the leaders was explaining to the children that we wouldn’t be meeting the following week because it was General Conference, when immediately one of the children yelled out, “That means doughnuts!” Being a huge proponent for any cause to celebrate or festivalize family events, frankly I’m surprised … Read more

Eat More Fruit

Perhaps, one of the greatest compliments my Mother ever gave me was when she said, “You bake just like your Bammieroo!” Translation: You are too messy! I suppose this trait was inherited because my Grandmother didn’t teach me how to cook; if anyone it was my sister Tina – and I don’t remember her being … Read more

Guiding Light

A Christmas Tree just isn’t right without a star adorning the top stem. For me, a star symbolizes everything that constitutes what Christmas is. When Christ was born it signified His birth, the very birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ; it led the shepherds and the wise men to Him; and it is today representative … Read more