The Price is Right!: Round Two

Here it comes–from the Fahrenheit 350° Kitchen, the internet’s most exciting giveaway, the fabulous ‘Price is Right’! Time for the big reveal!Avocados: The actual WinCo retail price is… Bell Peppers: The actual WinCo retail price is… Oroweat Bread: The actual WinCo retail price is… Broccoli: The actual WinCo retail price is… Romaine Lettuce: The actual … Read moreThe Price is Right!: Round Two

Recommending: Stràw bërri

Fresh strawberry purée kneaded into a creamy vanilla candy fondant,… enveloped with a rich, chocolate fudge caramel,… and coated with buttery, perfectly toasted brown sugar pecans… constitutes the new Fahrenheit 350° Stràw bërri Sweet Pecan Log. Available now at Fahrenheit 350°,and in person, February 5, at the Salt Lake City Art Market. Want to win … Read moreRecommending: Stràw bërri

Take a Bow

Yes… it’s that time! It’s time to announce the winner of the Fahrenheit 350° Blogiversary Celebration Giveaway! This person loves:Evan’s Red Velvet Cake Lisa’s Peanut Butter Mousse filled Puff Pastry Janet’s Vanilla Bean Cake Pamela’s Chocolate Lovers Cookies and… Tracy’s Pumpkin Bundt Cake This person woneverything featured last week! A few tasty treats such as: … Read moreTake a Bow

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Now… what does that cute little button on the right sidebar say today? “HappyBlogiversary!(to me!)” We’re going to celebrate and have a good time! Today is my official blogoversary/blogiversary! I’ve really been looking forward to doing this:One year ago: Under The Sea, Mermaid Cupcakes!It’s the simple things people that are so exciting! Really!And just for … Read moreHappy Blogiversary To Me!

Door #2

What’s behind Door #Tuesday? Sugar Crafter Tracy’s blog is all about savory, decadent, gorgeous delicacies! Her blog features incredible desserts, appetizers, pastries and more! I’ve actually only recently discovered Tracy’s talents – via Foodgawker back in September when she posted this recipe for these festive Candy Corn Kiss Cookies. I immediately raced out to Target … Read moreDoor #2