How to Make Irish Potatoes

Saint Patrick’s Day Irish Candy Potatoes are an old tradition originating from a Philadelphia Confectionery. The candy is comprised of whipped divinity and candy cream which is shaped like a certain tube shaped vegetable and then dipped in cocoa powder and cinnamon. Some versions use coconut, but as I was first introduced to the St. … Read moreHow to Make Irish Potatoes

How to M.A.K.E. Your Own Awesome Candies

Last year I blogged about how to make your own Candy Chocolates; chocolate coated, candy cream flavored centers in a two part series. This year…. Accept your invitation over at Bloom, for a bigger and better tutorial. It’s not too late for Valentine’s Day!Head over there now to your baking on! A Place to Bloom: … Read moreHow to M.A.K.E. Your Own Awesome Candies

How to Create Your Own Cookie Recipe

A few years ago, Mrs. Fields and ivillage hosted a cookie contest to celebrate Mrs. Fields 30th anniversary. Prompted by my friends, I decided to enter. I was careful to start experimenting early, and submit ahead of the deadline, but somehow my entry was never accepted into circulation. I like to believe that surely, if … Read moreHow to Create Your Own Cookie Recipe