“He Walks Among Us, But is Not One of Us”

Looking back over my posts this past month, I’m realizing it’s been a lot of crêpes, and a lot of LOST; so in my appreciation to you for putting up with my obsessions (even though I know you love it!)-I’m sharing with you my super secret Chocolate Sweet Sauce recipe! Chocolate Sweet Sauce1 stick butter12oz … Read more“He Walks Among Us, But is Not One of Us”

“I’m Coming With You”

This was my Valentine’s Day Card: Locke is my favorite character; the original Locke, not the unLocke, Flocke, or the Man in Black, but John Locke. The Man in Black is merely a disguise of a person without identity. He claims that Locke’s follies make him a victim, that Locke was “weak, pathetic, irreparably broken … Read more“I’m Coming With You”