Veto Week

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K; I took a veto week from LOST and Crêpes. Though,we did celebrate our weekly viewing of course! We recreated the breakfast scene between Ben and Kate, and enjoyed an old world meal while eagerly learning about Ricardo’s past. I also feel like I should offer a blanket … Read more

“I Am A Bad Man”

Since it’s already a few days past E7, and I’m just now sharing our dinner details of S6E6, I’ll spare you the drawn out theories, or at least I’ll try. We caught up at in the laws over Sunday dinner, with a Sayid theme-justifying Turkey, Mashed Potoatoes, Asparagus and Rolls because Sayid killed a bird … Read more

“I’m A Complex Guy Sweetheart”

Gabriel is whisking me away today! I am meeting him at work at 4pm, though I don’t know what we are doing or what is planned. Actually, all I know is this: …and that we are celebrating Valentine’s Day, my new job!!, and separating ourselves from the endless frustrations and stresses of that dream we … Read more


Dudes! Majorly cool stuff happened this week, and I’ve finally recovered from their sheer overwhelming awesomeness to share. Um,… like how about the airing of the first episode of the final season of LOST! It was pretty much a huge event over here. I mean, maybe you already knew this. Like back when I held … Read more

Sundae Crêpes: Avocado Corn

We are still in enveloped in full LOST mania over here in the Olson household; just 14 episodes to go! I’ve been thinking, dreaming, obsessing and philosophizing about LOST non-stop for the past month. We just began Season 5 today. My latest theory is the belief that someone built the Island. It potentially answers why … Read more

15 Days

Island Cookies These cookies were inspired by circumstance. We are in the midst of re-watching all the episodes of LOST to date-starting with the Season 1 Premiere. Every night, every day, every spare minute, particulary utilizing weekend timeoff hours. The past two weekends have been comprised of Lost Marathons, 12+ hours/day of LOST Mania. By … Read more

Nonsense Cookies

I’m shocked, that after 31 posts, I have yet to blog one word about reading! Especially considering that it is my very favorite thing to do in this world! Prompted by the movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, I recently devoured several books regarding the scientific probability of God (The Fire in the Equations, Beyond the … Read more

Destiny Calls

I mentioned before that I have a compulsory addition to the television series Lost, and my hint in Monday’s Food Appreciation post regarding my excitement for Christmas, (in terms of excitement) was of course about Lost. This post may further reveal my complete obsession with the series: What we learned tonight, goes back to the … Read more