Missing In Action

I’ve been missing in action a lot lately, especially when it comes to Daring Baker’s Challenges; try three months missing. At work we have a trade board where every employee can post the hours they want to give away and pick up the hours they want respectively; I’m kind of addicted to it. In June … Read moreMissing In Action

Recommending: Stràw bërri

Fresh strawberry purée kneaded into a creamy vanilla candy fondant,… enveloped with a rich, chocolate fudge caramel,… and coated with buttery, perfectly toasted brown sugar pecans… constitutes the new Fahrenheit 350° Stràw bërri Sweet Pecan Log. Available now at Fahrenheit 350°,and in person, February 5, at the Salt Lake City Art Market. Want to win … Read moreRecommending: Stràw bërri

Come Listen to a Prophets Voice Day One

A little while back in Primary, one of the leaders was explaining to the children that we wouldn’t be meeting the following week because it was General Conference, when immediately one of the children yelled out, “That means doughnuts!” Being a huge proponent for any cause to celebrate or festivalize family events, frankly I’m surprised … Read moreCome Listen to a Prophets Voice Day One

A Daring Baker’s First Adventure

It has arrived: The posting date of my first Daring Baker’s Challenge!!! I hinted in my Valentine’s Day post about this cake, and even snuck in a hidden picture that was hardly what you would call visible. I will admit that I was not looking forward to this recipe for the mere fact that I … Read moreA Daring Baker’s First Adventure