Warm Buns Part 3

I know, I know… You’ve been pulling your hair out wondering when I was going to post the reason for my scrupulous and stingy hoarding of the blackberries Pammy and I picked over the summer. I have been saving all those scrumptious, plump, tempting blackberries for a unbelievable Thanksgiving tabletop dessert that will make your … Read moreWarm Buns Part 3

Idyllic Raspberry Breakfast

I’m stingy when it comes to food I can’t reproduce, like raspberries for instance. My parents have a idyllic tower of raspberry bushes in their garden which produces beautiful berries throughout the months of June and July. Fortunately, last year they were on vacation during the apropos months leaving me to reap all the rewards! … Read moreIdyllic Raspberry Breakfast

Warm Buns Part Deux

Yesterday, of course, Gabriel and I went to go see Coraline… …. …. stunnibabooming! Every marvelousticalur minute, every sensationallic second, every wholly fantastically incrediculous frame. In layman’s terms: I loved it! If you don’t know why Gabriel and I would, of course, go see Coraline:It puts Ptown on the map! Woot!Gabriel works for LAIKA! Wootie … Read moreWarm Buns Part Deux