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Condensed Milk Brownies: The Easiest and Most Beautiful Dessert You Will Love

It's Sweet to Share!

This beautiful dessert is a showoff! Condensed Milk Brownies that will beg to be made again and again. Plus this recipe is super easy to make and creates a scrumptious and chewy brownie pie that everyone will love.

I created this gorgeous dessert one day when I was thumbing through one of my many cookbooks. I found a recipe that called for white chocolate and macadamia nuts that was enriched with sweetened condensed milk. I didn’t have white chocolate or macadamia nuts, but I was intrigued by the addition of sweetened condensed milk.

I was inspired!

I started digging through my pantry and let the creative juices flow.

Condensed Milk Brownies

Condensed Milk Brownies are part blondie brownie, part chocolate brownie, part condensed milk brownie. It’s the best parts of every thing that you love about brownies all combined into one.

Slice of Condensed Milk Brownies

Somehow I had a Hershey’s Cookies’n’Cream Chocolate bar but no white chocolate. Go figure. Work with what you got!

This gorgeous dessert is the result of not having what you want, but getting exactly what you need.

The recipe itself is pretty light on sugar, but the addition of the chocolate bar and sweetened condensed milk more than make up for it.

Slice of Condensed Milk Brownies

Condensed Milk Brownies

Catherine Olson
The easiest, yet most show stopping dessert made with simple ingredients!
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 8 slices


  • Medium Sauce pan
  • 9" Springform pan


  • 6.5 oz. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Chocolate Candy Bar Giant Bar
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ½ cup butter
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup flour
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • 7 oz sweetened condensed milk 1 can
  • 1 bag mini chocolate chips


  • Melt chocolate, butter and sugars on medium heat until melted
  • Whisk in eggs and vanilla
  • Stir in flour, baking powder and soda until well combined
  • Pour into greased 9″ springform pan
  • Bake at Fahrenheit 350° for 20 minutes
  • Remove from oven
  • Immediately pour 7oz. sweetened condensed milk over top of brownies
  • Layer with ¾ cup mini semi sweet chocolate chips
  • Let cool and remove outer ring of springform pan
  • Slice like pie to serve
Keyword Condensed Milk Brownies

How is This a Brownie? It Doesn’t Have Cocoa Powder.

No, but this does have a lot of chocolate!

This is a blondie brownie. The name brownie comes from the texture and mouth feel of the dessert, not that it is a chocolate brownie specifically.

It’s chewy like a brownie, but more cakey than a cookie.

brownie pie

What is the Oreo Flavor?

It comes from the Cookies’n’Cream Oreo Chocolate. You’re going to use one of the big giant candy bars – broken and melted.

Can I Substitute Crushed Oreos?


However, the flavor of the chocolate bar is not the predominant flavor, so adding crushed Oreos will definitely increase the Oreo flavor. You’d still need to add 6oz of white chocolate in some form.

Can I Use Regular Size Chocolate Chips for Condensed Milk Brownies?

You can, but the mini chocolate chips dotting the top of the pie create a lattice network that is very pretty. Regular size chocolate chips won’t be so dramatic.

Adding mini chocolate chips to condensed milk brownies

Mini chocolate chips only come in semi-sweet, so make sure if you use any other type of chocolate you also use semi-sweet. Unless you have an even greater sweet tooth than me, milk chocolate will make this dessert too sweet (as if there is such a thing!).

Can I Make this in a Different Type of Pan?

You absolutely can!

Keep in mind that with a pie plate, you won’t get the dramatics of having the condensed milk drip down the sides.

With a fluted tart pan, the edges will have a ribbon effect. In my opinion, the top of this cake stands on it’s own and any additional embellishment would deter from it’s unique effect.

Main Ingredients

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It's Sweet to Share!


  1. That looks really good!!! I love how you can take any recipe and just change it with the ingredients you have in your pantry!

  2. Does this call for 6 (1.5oz) bars of the Hershey, or 6 oz total. I am confused about the 6 oz (1.5 bars) considering 1.5 bars doesn't equal 6 oz….

  3. YUM! Can't wait to try this…chocolate lovers dream. :o) 1 1/2 chocolate bars…that means I eat the rest. Wouldn't want to waste it. :O)

  4. @Anonymous: I found 2 hershey bars in the candy aisle at Wal-mart one was 4 oz, so I'm thinking this is the one she used and I then I found a 6.5 oz bar. They were the bigger bars. You probably found the ones that were smaller in the front of the store. But I'm pretty sure she meant 6 oz total. That's what I put in anyways. I'm making this tonight, I will return and comment on how it was!

  5. Okay I made this and it was good, but honestly it just tasted like chocolate chip cookie bars. It was alot easier than making chocolate chip cookies bars, so the next time i get a craving for one, i'll do this. Thanks for the recipe!

  6. I just made this but after 20 min in the oven it wasn't done in the middle.. 🙁 and I already have my stuff on top. I'm going to put it back in the oven & hope for the best. 🙂

  7. I made this tonight and I was super excited but to be honest it did not turn out like I would have thought, it was a bread and more than anything. Kinda bummed at the end result!

  8. How do the chocolate chips not melt when you heat up the candy bar, butter and sugar? Did i miss a step?

  9. Your pour the chocolate chips over the cake with the condensed milk after it has cooked. They will heat a little, but not enough to lose shape. Have fun! This is so yummy!

  10. Should you take the cake out of the pan before pouring sweetened condensed milk & chocolate chips on top? I made this last night and couldn't get it out of the pan… suggestions?

  11. Same question here as the Unknown person? Is there something else missing?
    Dying to make this but don't want to waste any ingredients for nothing!
    Please reply soon!

  12. So so good! Made it tonight and my boyfriend and I loved it! Just make sure you make it when there are guests… I've already eaten too much 😉

  13. Just made it tonight for Thanksgiving tomorrow and im super excited to see how it tastes!! Looks soo good! I actually threw in a couple chocolate chips in the batter and turned it even more chocolatey.

  14. Can it sit out in a room temp. Room? I want to make this for my bf for Christmas but there's no refrigerator at school lol

  15. Wanted to make this so bad after seeing it on pinterest. I went to get mini choc chips and the Cookies and Creme bars at the grocery store and was shocked to hear that Cookies and Creme bars are DISCONTINUED!!! Maybe you can still find em someplaces but they aren't being made anymore, supposedly???
    Can i substitute something else? I thought about using white choc chips but i didn't think that would have the same result as using an actual candy bar. Any ideas??

  16. Hannah – that is terrible news! I have not heard anything about them being discontinued! I still have some locally, I'd be happy to send you a few bars. Just email me your address using the email tool at the top of the page. 🙂

  17. Hello! I think that I missed a step! I have to also put the mixture of Hersheys chocolate, butter and sugar in the oven with the dough?

  18. you can still get the cany bars in St. Louis. just made it and used the 2 4oz bars. 6 ounces in the batter and then crushed the rest to put with the chips on top.
    My son is going to love it for his birthday.

  19. So where's the printable recipe? It looks good and intriguing! But how am I supposed to try this thing, if I can't print out the recipe, and make the thing?

  20. Try copying only the printed parts and any comments that seem helpful. That's what I did and it only took a few minutes. Can't wait to try this!

  21. Just made this but feel like I was missing something? Other than candy bar and chips on top, there was no chocolate? What makes it a brownie? Waiting on it to cool now.

  22. I'm allergic to eggs (I know, sad for me)… I have some egg replacer powder that I have used in baked goods before. Do yall think it will work without the eggs?

  23. The Oreo part comes from the "cookies n cream" candy bar. The "cookie" part of the bar is Oreo-like 🙂

  24. My 14 yr old son just made this, but I forgot to get chocolate chips, he made it with mint CC, can't wait to see how they turned out!

  25. OMG! Made this to take to a Memorial Day party and was amazed at how good it is! It was gone in no time! So many compliments! Making another one now to take to another get together! This is my new go to dessert!

  26. Made this for a birthday boy tonight (he picked it from my Pinterest board) and everyone loved it! I made it just as directed and it came out perfectly. Thanks for sharing it!

  27. So I made these for a Christmas Eve party. I stupidly didn't write down how many ounces of the cookies and cream bar I needed and bought a 4 oz bar. So I added a regular Hershey bar (1.44 oz) and a handful of chocolate chips. It came out great.

  28. Made these today and took them to church…. I didn't come back with any. Rally quick and easy to make too.

  29. Mine did not look like the picture but it was good nonetheless. It's very sweet and rich. I baked mine 5 minutes longer than suggested because I was worried it would be too soggy in the middle once the condensed milk was poured on top. It turned out fine.

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