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It's Sweet to Share!

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It's Sweet to Share!

S’mores seem to the blogging theme of June, and as I don’t want to be left out, I thought I would throw (one of) my recipe(s) into the mix. Though I realize I’m not alone in this proclamation, I’ll say it anyway: I love s’mores.

Growing up my brother and sisters and I had the only two things every child needs; a fire pit and a trampoline. In the winter our trampoline was at home in the corner of the backyard, resting a few feet below the deck in a special circular outfit specifically designed to house it… but, in the summer our trampoline was moved onto the deck unveiling a ring of stones.

Nothing will ever be so special to me than a ring of stones. It is this that brings back the fondest childhood memories for me, sitting around the fire pit cooking hot dogs and spending time together as a family waiting for the embers to burn, patiently stacking graham crackers and chocolate.

Thankfully, this is a tradition that has been passed on through three generations so far, serving as the cornerstone of any family event.

My favorite kitchen S’more concoction is actually Campfire Cookies, but those will have to wait until August’s Recipe Swap. Speaking of… don’t forget to submit your favorite summer salad recipes for June’s Recipe Swap.

These chewy, ooey, gooey brownies are a crowd favorite, and so simple you’ll wish they were more complicated so that you had an excuse to stay out of them.

Brownies: Campfire
Topping: Toasted Marshmallows
Glaze: Chocolate

Make your favorite brownie recipe batter
Pour half the batter into a rectangular pan, lay whole graham crackers side by side on top of the batter

Cover with remaining batter
Bake as directed

When cooked through, layer top of brownies with mini marshmallows and turn the oven to broil
Place brownies on top rack and let marshmallows toast (I like mine a bit on the crispy side)

Remove from oven and drizzle with melted chocolate
Marble the chocolate and marshmallows

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It's Sweet to Share!
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  1. Man, those pictures are from way back, where did you find them? LOL! I love brownies and marshmellows I will have to add the graham crackers and try them! soooo gooood!

  2. OMG those look so good!! I do have a question for you….
    How do you slice them so neatly? Do you chill the bar first? When I've tried cutting anything with marshmallow I always end up with a sticky mess lol

  3. I love the "old" photos and it is so wonderful to be able to pass these great ideas on to the new generation!!! I have bookmarked this, if you do not mind!

  4. I use a serrated knife to cut everything, which helps, but I think the biggest trick with these bad boys is marbling the chocolate, so that the marshmallow doesn't stand entirely alone. Hope that helps, and thanks for reading! Bookmark away!

  5. I have campfire memories myself! Those s'more bars look like they would definitely do the trick in bringing back those memories..but even tastier! Lovely job as always, Kitty!

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