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Catherine Olson

Lemon Ricotta Muffins: My Favorite Surprise Appetizer for a Fancy Brunch

Lemon Ricotta Muffins will be the surprise brunch appetizer favorite that no one saw coming.  ☟ Jump to Recipe ☟ Frequently Asked Questions You are definitely not...

Why Orange Raspberry Muffins are the Perfect Breakfast Combination

I love breakfast muffins! They are the sneakiest way to eat dessert for breakfast, but in a perfectly acceptable way. These cute little orange...

Banana and Blueberry Muffins are A Perfect One Bowl Breakfast You’ll Love

These banana and blueberry muffins are my favorite because it uses one bowl, one whisk, and one spoon - and if you break out the cupcake liners it makes clean up even easier!

The Very Best 12 Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes

From vegan to gluten free to double chocolate and inside out cookies, this is your go to list for the best 12 chocolate chip cookies!

This is the Peanut Butter Cookie Bar Recipe You’ve Been Searching For

Peanut butter cookie bars are like toffee bar squares plus lunch lady peanut butter squares. They are soft, buttery and chewy and melt in...

The Only Thing Better Than Apple Pie is an Apple Pie Croissant

If there could possibly be anything better than apple pie, it would be an individually sized personal hand pie. And that, my fellow bakers,...

Old Fashioned Ginger Snap Cookies are What Make a Perfect Christmas Winter Treat

I like soft gingersnaps, or in other words, snickerdoodles with a cinnamon ginger flavor. I like old fashioned ginger snap cookies the way great...

100 Layers of Sweet Frangipane in this Perfect Almond Croissant Recipe

I want to say that this Almond Croissant Recipe is my favorite, but then again, everytime I bake a croissant recipe - or eat...

Why Blackberry Rose Buns are the Perfect Midsummer Breakfast

Do you have blackberry bushes in your backyard? Blackberry rose buns are perfect for a midsummer breakfast because they utilize natural resources and they...

Celebrate True Decadence for Every Occasion with this Yummy Mint Oreo Cake

This Mint Oreo Cake looks like a package of Oreos exploded all over it, and if that doesn’t sound delicious to you, I don’t...

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