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6 Super Delicious & Easy Oreo Truffle Recipes to Make for the One You Love

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Original Post 2011 | Updated 2021 

While there is something really heartwarming about slaving away in the kitchen making homemade chocolates, I gotta tell you that these Oreo truffle recipes are a heck of a lot easier. 

The first 8 years of our marriage, I made Gabriel homemade chocolates every Valentine’s Day. You know, the ones where you make a buttercream caramel and let it cool on granite before mixing it for hours, until it turns into the kind of candy that you buy for $20 a pound from a high scale chocolate store. 

And, I loved doing it! But since I discovered the simplicity of oreo truffle recipes, I haven’t made him homemade chocolates even once! 

Mint Oreo Truffle

It was the 9th year we celebrated Valentine’s together when I was 32 weeks pregnant with the twins that I had to break from tradition. I was tired and I couldn’t stand in one place for more than 5 minutes. For that reason, I was almost tempted to buy Gabriel chocolates, but it broke my heart to think of totally eliminating this tradition.

Instead of slaving away at old fashioned cream filled chocolates, I opted for Cookie Truffles! Oreo Truffles, Mint Oreo Truffles, Nutella Oreo Truffles, the list goes on! 

Now that the twins are older, maybe I’ll get back to doing it the old fashioned way and teach them the trade, but until then these are such a great alternative! 

Oreo Truffle Recipes

Cookie Truffles

Oreo Truffle Recipes have been around for a long time, but why not take it one step further? The grocery store aisle for cookies is immense. It is filled with Chocolate Chip Cookies, Milano Cookies, Keebler Cookies, and my favorite, Nutter Butter Cookies!

Why Stop at Plain Old Oreo Truffles?

So today I’m going to give you 6 different recipes for cookie truffles:

  • Oreo Truffles
  • Mint Oreo Keebler Truffles
  • Nutella Oreo Truffles
  • Nutter Butter Truffles
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles
  • Orange Milano Truffles

All you need are store bought cookies and a few simple ingredients!

Pre dipped oreo truffles recipe
Cookie Truffles

Oreo Cookie Truffles

Catherine Olson
These cookie truffles are so simple! They only need store bought cookies, and nutella or cream cheese!
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 14 Chocolates


  • Blender


Oreo Truffles

  • 8 oz. double stuffed Oreo cookies
  • 4 oz. cream cheese

Orange Milano Truffles

  • 7 oz. Orange Milano Cookies
  • 1 teaspoon fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 4 oz. chocolate ganache

Mint Oreo Truffles

  • 8 oz. Keebler Mint Cookies or Mint Oreo cookies
  • 2 oz. chocolate ganache
  • 2 oz. cream cheese
  • 1 teaspoon mint extract

Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles

  • 8 oz. chocolate chip cookies
  • 4 oz. Nutella
  • ¼ cup mini chocolate chips

Nutter Butter Truffles

  • 8 oz. Nutter Butter cookies
  • 4 oz. creamy peanut butter

Nutella Oreo Cookies

  • 8 oz. double stuffed Oreo cookies
  • 4 oz. Nutella

Ganache Filling

  • 4 oz. chopped chocolate
  • 3 oz. whipping cream


Cookie Truffles

  • For each type of cookie truffle, crush and pulverize cookies in a blender
  • Transfer crushed cookies to a bowl
  • Add additional ingredients
  • Mix together until smooth and mixture comes together into a ball
  • Roll dough into individual ½ oz sized balls balls
  • Dip in melted chocolate
  • Transfer to a flat surface lined with wax paper to set
  • Optional – Garnish with sprinkles

Ganache for Cookie Truffles

  • Melt chocolate and cream in saucepan over medium heat until melted
  • Allow to cool to room temperature
  • Whip with hand mixer until fluffy
Keyword Oreo Truffle Recipes

When Making Oreo Truffles do you Remove the Cream?

No, you definitely do not want to remove the cream when you make Oreo truffles. Place the whole cookie in the blender and mix until pulverized. The cream in the Oreo cookie will add the depth of flavor to the truffle that you want!

How Long do Oreo Truffles Last?

These Oreo truffles will last a lot longer than you have the willpower to keep them in the pantry! Stick them in the fridge for about 3 weeks, or freeze them for a later date.

Are There Other Cookies You Can Use to Make Truffles?

Are your wheels spinning? Mine too!

The possibilities are endless. I’ve got to head to the kitchen and see how many more I can come up with. Can you imagine Mother’s Cookies? Mother’s Cookies with some buttercream frosting? Wafer Cookies with peanut butter? I can promise you I’ll be updated this post again soon!

Nutter Butter Truffles

Leave your ideas in the comments below!

What Can I do with Leftover Broken Cookies?

This Oreo truffle recipe is perfect for leftover broken cookies! If you have leftover broken chocolate cookies, mix with cream cheese. If you’ve got leftover broken vanilla or other cookies, use Nutella or ganache. Or pick both!

Simply pick a combo that sounds good to you, and you can’t go wrong making cookie truffles.

What About Using Homemade Cookies?

I’ve never tried homemade cookies! I imagine they might be too soft to make a good filling, but I could be totally wrong!

If you try it – let me know!

Oreo Truffles Recipe

If you make these cookies, tag @Fahrenheit350sweets on Instagram so I can see it!

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  1. I've made the Oreo truffles several times and they're always a big hit even though I don't love them. I think your variations all sound delish!

    I don't have a sweetheart so didn't do anything, but have lots of ideas for when/if I ever do. 🙂

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