Destiny Calls

I mentioned before that I have a compulsory addition to the television series Lost, and my hint in Monday’s Food Appreciation post regarding my excitement for Christmas, (in terms of excitement) was of course about Lost. This post may further reveal my complete obsession with the series: What we learned tonight, goes back to the … Read more

Food Appreciation

Every once in a while my husband and I attempt to perform a body cleanse. It’s a wicked three day process of combining starvation and drinking liquid muck, at least that is what I call any form of wheat grass. My sister compels me to try the Lemonade Cleanse, but it doesn’t sound very dreadful, … Read more

Parting Gifts

For the past three years, I have taught Primary in my ward. I was first called as the Sunbeam teacher in 2006, and my class consisted of four little 3 year olds: Elijah, Brigham, Iverson and Maria. They had been attending primary for several months without a regular teacher, so they hardly knew what to … Read more

Cat’s B-day Cake

Hello Peeps. This is Cat’s Husband Gabriel. I am not nearly the baker Catherine is. Though, I am able to cook a pretty mean breakfast, which I attribute to the years I spent toiling away at a breakfast restaurant in Provo Utah. Anyways. I made Catherine a cake for her Birthday this year and had … Read more

Guiding Light

A Christmas Tree just isn’t right without a star adorning the top stem. For me, a star symbolizes everything that constitutes what Christmas is. When Christ was born it signified His birth, the very birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ; it led the shepherds and the wise men to Him; and it is today representative … Read more

Warm Buns

My favorite memories are of any day, any event, any occasion as long as Bammieroo’s Orange Rolls were involved, (Bammieroo being my adored Grandmother on my Mom’s side as featured in Turkey Lurkey) even funerals. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints we do not view funerals as a … Read more

Frightful Weather

I remember one snow day in high school, not one snow day in particular, but one snow day in totality. That wasn’t because we had to trudge to school in the snow no matter what, but because it doesn’t snow in Portland. I took pictures of that one solitary snow day because that is what … Read more

Compulsory Addictions

We have been known to throw a couple of pretty sensational parties in our day – all with the same theme: J.J. Abrams. Lost is easily and profoundly, not only the most intelligent television show to air to date, but it is disturbingly entertaining. I possess a compulsory addiction to Lost. I have expelled my … Read more